Generator / Inverter 1000W with petrol engine

Generator / Inverter 1000W with petrol engine

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Generator / Inverter 1000W with petrol engine The Hyundai 1000 is a compact, economical and portable generator / inverter with a capacity of 1 Kw. Ideal for caravans, campers and tents. This model has a slim shell with which you can store it in your trunk or caravan box, easy to carry with a weight of only 14 kg. The Hyundai 1000 also has an LED display where the voltage, frequency and the number of hours of the generator can be easily followed. The Hyundai 1000 is powered by a 50 cc 4-stroke petrol engine with drawbar. Suitable for feeding televisions, small air compressors for inflatable beds, electric heaters, laptops, lighting, etc. The control panel is equipped with a 230 V connection for use with any device that has a standard 3-pole 13 A as well as a 12 V battery charger, ideal for different purposes. By producing a pure sine wave output, it can safely supply all sensitive electronics without damaging or overloading them. This generator / inverter is extremely popular for family holidays, is very user friendly and requires little maintenance. The digital overload protection switches the generator off when the maximum threshold is exceeded. Even if the oil quantity is too low, the generator switches off if the level falls too far. The Hyundai 1000 also has the added benefit of an "ECO" mode which, if selected, lowers engine speed to meet exact power requirements, which in turn lowers fuel consumption and noise and also extends the life of the machine.
Model Hyundai 55010 / HY1000Si
EAN code 8718502550108
Motor 4 ticks a single cylinder air-cooled
Compression ratio 8.5: 1
Ignition system transistor
Start system starter rope
Fuel Euro lead free
Oil capacity 0.25 L
Oil type SE15W-30
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal voltage 230 V
Nominal current 3.9 A
Speed ​​5.300 min-1
Nominal output power 0.9 kVA
Maximum output power 1.0 kVA
Other specifications
DC output 2 V / 5 A
Fuel tank capacity 2.2 L
Continuous running time u. 3.0 hrs. nominal power
Fuel consumption <550 g / KWh
Ambient temperature in operation -20 ° - 40 °
Up to a maximum height of 1000 m
Sound level (Lpa) 54 - 59 dB (A) 7 m.
Package contents Hyundai 1000 generator / inverter 1 kW

Various installation accessories and tools

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