Lawn mower with 99cc four-stroke petrol engine Mowing width 40cm

Lawn mower with 99cc four-stroke petrol engine Mowing width 40cm

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Lawn mower with 99cc four-stroke petrol engine Mowing width 40cm Mowing your lawn has never been easier. This motorized lawnmower mows quickly, effectively and without fuss. It is ideal for lawns up to 20m2. This Hyundai HYM40P has a maximum cutting power of up to 400mm and is very powerful due to the 99cc four-stroke engine. Despite the impressive cutting power, the energy consumption of the motor is very low and the noise is minimal. This ensures low consumption costs and little inconvenience for the environment and local residents.

The lawnmower is easy to start and ergonomic in use. The lever on top of the handle starts the machine easily without bending over. The three adjustable cutting heights, from 25 mm to 75 mm, ensure that you have control over your lawn. A tight 'billiard table' or a longer turf? You decide.

The durable polypropylene housing ensures that the mower does not rust and is free from corrosion. So you have years of pleasure from this motorized mower. Assembling the machine is also simple. You can assemble the components from the box using clear steps. Before you know it, mow your lawn with your new mower for the first time.

The Hyundai HYM40P 99c lawnmower is supplied with all necessary parts, cables, installation materials and manuals. With the 3-year Hyundai platinum guarantee you do not have to worry about calamities. Hyundai always provides you with excellent assistance and delivery of parts.
Model Hyundai 57010 / HYM40P
EAN code 8718502570106
Weight 18.5 kg
Fuel Gasoline unleaded (No2 Mixer lubrication)
Power 99cc 4-stroke engine
Cutting width 400 mm
Adjustable cutting height 25 - 75 mm
Cutting system 40 L
Lawn surface 20 m²
Grass catcher 40 L, Polyester
Chassis Polypropylene
Wheel drive No.
Folding the push bar Yes
Adjustable height handle Yes
Diameter wheels front and rear 150mm
OAC Safety System (Operator Presence Control)